Welcome to our ikatmarketing.com website.

This is an online store created to sell folk art and craft products made by Uzbekistan applied art handcraft masters.

Welcome to our web site We are a big factory in Margilan
We manufacture all our products in our own factory

We provide all wholesale customers with discounts. Feel free to contact us via email.
100% of ikat fabrics we sell on our web site have been hand-dyed and hand woven on hand looms – that is entirely handmade! So they can have what would be considered small imperfections, ie flecks of other dye colours, looped yarns and what appear to run. This is the inherent beauty of a complete hand woven and dyed fabric
Also, white stripes comes every two yards (pattern repeat) in the fabric and it is a part of every authentic handwoven ikat fabricsIt provides information about the manufacturers and an option to contact the handicraftsmen directly if necessary. Various discounts are regularly offered monthly and during the day.

Here you can find the best products of prominent Uzbek craftsmen meeting international standards. Rasuljon Mirzaakhmedov from Margilan and Doniyorjon Askarov are among them. The main goal of our website is to become a safe and reliable supplier.
Our uniqueness lies in the fact that our handicrafts, oriental arts and crafts are closely connected with ordinary things and their genius and originality are drawn to the simplicity and open up new facets that amaze.
The ideology of our online store is based on the philosophy of modern oriental interiors, and also we want to offer you unique products and the opportunity to get to know them closer,


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